Friday September 8 2017

Swimmers sink records at Dolphins meet


KAMPALA. Only Karimah Katemba’s 21.51 record set in the girls’ 8 & under 25m backstroke event at the 2016 Dolphins Fast and Furious Gala stood unchallenged by the end of the second edition at Gems Cambridge International School last Sunday.
Seals’ Amelia Mudanye set the tone of the gala with 1:39.04 to beat Karimah’s 100m individual medley record (1:41.92). Mudanye, 8, Aleena Katemba and Inell Raya Ba also went under Karimah’s 24.61 in the 50m breaststroke.
Ba set 19.72 in the 50m butterfly while Mudanye – best swimmer in the age category (40 points) – made 18.36 in the 50m freestyle.
Jordan Ssamula moved to 9-10 too but his records in the boys’ 8 & under group did not survive either with Dolphins teammates Ethan Ssengoba and David Sine as obliterators-in-chief.
Heather White, 10, was in top form bettering all times she set last year in the girls’ 9-10 years category.
Seals’ John Kafumbe and Dolphins’ Pendo Kaumi topped the 9-10 boys but their challengers Duan Chengze, Yonah Lumonya and Jordan also managed to go under the best available records.
Kirabo Namutebi’s form also continued to soar as she bettered her times. Only her Dolphins teammate Swagiah Mubiru, managed to go under Namutebi’s 2016 times in the 11-12 girls’ category.
Ruben White made a late dramatic appeal to top, with 37 points, a very competitive 11-12 boys’ category that also had Tendo Kaumi, Francesco Kagugue and Raphael Sine go under the different meet records.
The automatic timers had Ruben at 29.06 in the 50m free, finishing third. However, the backup times showed he had won the race with a 28.55 record that pushed him top of the group.
With a large 13 and over age category, the expectation was that the competition would be tight but it was underwhelming with only one cutthroat heat in each of the girls and boys 10 events.