Friday January 31 2014

Alupo: Fufa illegal, must be disbanded

By Elvis Senono

Moses Magogo’s days as Fufa president seem to be numbered if information provided by Education and Sports minister Jessica Alupo is to be believed.

While appearing as a witness before Parliament’s Education and Sports Committee yesterday, Alupo revealed that her ministry intends to adopt the Solicitor General’s recommendations that Fufa, under its current status as Fufa Limited, is illegal and should, therefore, be suspended. “We are going to share regulations of the NCS Act instituted by the taskforce committee with the honourable Prime Minister tomorrow (today) at 2.00pm where the legality matter will be conclusively dealt with,” Alupo told the committee.
“It is after that meeting that we shall pronounce ourselves publically on the matter of Fufa but as government we are bound by the Solicitor General’s recommendations,” she added.

According to Omara Apita, the commissioner of sports, who was alongside the minister, regulations of the Act do not allow national associations to be incorporated under the company’s act. The issue was also highlighted in the Attorney General’s letter of May 27th last year to the permanent secretary Ministry of Education and Sports.

This is, however, in total contrast to Fufa’s opinion after current Fufa president Moses Magogo told the same committee on Wednesday that they broke no law in registering the federation as a company limited by guarantee.
“There is no current law prohibiting us from existing as a company,” he said. That, however, was also disproved by Apita with the commissioner revealing that according to the Solicitor General, Fufa Limited remains illegal even before regulations to the act are put in place.