Saturday April 5 2014

Alupo finally signs Sports Act banning limited associations

Education and Sports Minister Alupo is

Education and Sports Minister Alupo is relieved, as well, that she has put pen to paper. Photo by Ismail Kezaala 


KAMPALA- Sports lovers in Uganda will hope the new Sports Act signed into law by the Education and Sports Minister Jessica Alupo, will go the distance in ending wrangles that have characterised the scene for some time now.

Alupo finally put pen to paper on the statutory instrument of the National Council of Sports Regulations for Associations (under the NCS Sports Act, Cap 48) on Wednesday, which act outlaws national federations from incorporating as limited companies.

The registration of Fufa and Fufa Limited has been an area of contention for some time now, first coming to light when Express sued Fufa for “not being properly and legally constituted under the National Council of Sports (NCS) Act” over eight years ago.

All existing national sports associations shall now apply afresh to the NCS for registration within six months from commencement of these regulations. But it remains to be seen what will become of Fufa limited and those that registered it as a company in the first place.

Incorporation and registration of national sports associations
· Every national sports association shall be incorporated in accordance with laws of Uganda
· NCS shall not register a national association which is incorporated as a company
· The council shall not register more than one national sports association for one sport
· A sports association which is not recognized by the council shall not use or refer to itself using “Uganda.”

Governance of associations
· For one to hold an executive office they must have participated in sports at school, district, regional, national or international level; or have been involved in administration/management of sport at a level recognized by the council.
· A person shall not hold an executive office or be involved, concurrently, in governance of more than two national associations.
· A member of the council (NCS) or an officer shall not promote the incorporation or registration of a national association.

· The council or ministry responsible for sports shall not fund or support an association not recognized by the council.
· Every national association shall submit to the council annually a statement of all sources of funding, including donations and grants.

Brief background
Last June, it emerged cabinet was to disband Fufa after the Solicitor General and AG’s interpretation confirmed Fufa was wrong in registering a national association as a limited company

An eight-man interim committee was then approved by Cabinet to run the federation after is disbanded, which never came to pass

A task force to fast-track a new Sports Act was already midway the exercise at the time.