Monday August 25 2014

Ebola threat waters down Africa U-15 Badminton meet

By Elvis Senono

This year’s Confederation of Africa (BCA) Under-15 Badminton Championship will have only six participants after seven countries pulled out of the games that start today at Lugogo MTN Arena.

According to Simon Mugabi, Uganda Badminton Association CEO and vice president of the Africa region IV, only Mauritius, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt will join Uganda for the five day championship.

Mugabi revealed that Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Seychelles, Algeria, Sierra Leone will not take part in the tourney because of fear of being exposed to Ebola according to a communiqué sent by BCA.
Vaheed Mohammed an official at the Uganda Badminton federation however believes the tourney can still benefit the tournament the country despite the absence of some of Africa’s strong nations.

“We do not play many tournaments in the country and any kind of exposure can still help our young players develop,” he explained.
The Crested cargo and Sun industries and Tamizh Sangam community sponsored tournament will have Uganda represented by 12 athletes in both team and individual boys and girls events.

The tourney where Uganda did not take part was last held in 2012 with South Africa winning the team and girls’ events while Mauritius claimed the boys’ event.

Ugandan team at Africa Under-15 Badminton Championship Countries
Muzafar Lubega, Dennis Onyango, Expedito Emidu, Muhammad Azim, Ashid Muhammad, Nikir Ranjit, Amon Wanzasaya, Salmah Mutesi, Tracy Naluwooza, Rehema Nalubega, Bridget Mutesi, Nidhi Ranjit, Vatadhin Paryan

Countries at Africa Africa Under-15 Badminton Championship
Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Seychelles, Algeria, Sierra Leone