Friday May 16 2014

Hockey: UHA endorses new clubs for 2014 term



Uganda Hockey Association (UHA) have confirmed that Deliverance Church and Kampala Simba hockey clubs will participate in this year’s National League.

The two clubs have been trying to become members of UHA since the year started but have been delayed by paperwork. “We received all the necessary documents from Deliverance Church and Simba,” said UHA spokesperson Jackie Namyalo.

“So both are now members of UHA and will participate in the league which resumes on May 31.”

Simba chairman Muhammad Ali expressed delight at his club’s inclusion in the league. Simba were active in the early 2000s but closed shop in 2009 when Ali returned to India for personal reasons.
“Since last year I have been trying to rebuild the club so I am glad we are finally active again.

“We started with the Vaisakhi tournament in Kenya last month so we hope to build on that experience,” Ali said. Simba lost the two games they played in Kenya.

Meanwhile, all league games that were meant to be played on May 3-4 are to be rescheduled. The new dates will be announced today.