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Icon Kasparov could miss Uganda’s vote

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Posted  Friday, June 13   2014 at  09:58


Despite making two back-to-back visits to Uganda recently, legendary Garry Kasparov may not get the country’s backing for the world body’s presidency.

Daily Monitor has learnt that the Uganda Chess Federation (UCF) executive is divided into two camps with one supporting Kasparov and the other rooting for incumbent Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. A source that preferred anonymity disclosed UCF have held several meetings but failed to reach common ground on who to support for the August 20 elections in Tromso, Norway.

UCF president Vianney Luggya will cast Uganda’s vote but his pick must be determined by the executive’s decision, according to the body’s constitution. Influential members in the UCF executive, however, are pushing for the return of 52-year-old Ilyumzhinov, who is seeking a 20th term.


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