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Lacrosse team ready for World Championships

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Posted  Friday, July 4   2014 at  01:00

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The sport was introduced to Uganda in 2009 through Fields of Growth, a non-profit NGO. Founder Dugan said money to facilitate Uganda’s travel has been raised through fundraising.

KAMPALA- Uganda will become the first African country to compete in the Lacrosse World Championships after receiving an invite from the world sport’s governing body.

Team Uganda will join 37 other countries in Colorado, USA for the July 10-19 tournament.

To fine-tune for the event in which they will face France, Ireland and Bermuda in the group stages, Team Uganda entered residential training on Tuesday.

“We have not had much competition in the preparations. The team has only played against the players who did not make it to the national team,” Team Uganda coach, Andrew Boston, said.

Boston, however, noted that there has been some improvement in the team especially in spacing on the field and passing of the ball.
“We’ll also play a few friendly games on arrival in Colorado,” he added.
Lacrosse was introduced to Uganda in 2009 through Fields of Growth, a non-profit NGO.

Fundraising from communities
Fields of Growth founder and director Kevin Dugan said money to facilitate Team Uganda’s travel has been raised through fundraising from communities in America.
“The thought of having an African country in the championships excited many of the schools and communities that were approached in the US and they contributed willingly,’’ Dugan said.
The Ugandan team leaves Saturday afternoon and will reside at the University of Denver, Colorado.

Castro David Onen, Jimmy Tabu, Ivan Musisi, Jaffari Ibrahim Makanda, Felix Nyekorac, Kenneth Keith Lubangakene, Joshua Kenneth Okecho, Michael Bahiizi, Salim Kyambadde, Geoffrey Anywar, Allan Amone, Brian Tukire, Faisal Nsubuga, Ronald Otim, Ryan Mugisa, Kenneth Kasule, James Tabu,
Captain: Patrick Orianna
Andrew Boston (Head coach) and David Kelly (Coaching Assistant)


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