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Rwanda Revenue blind Vision to win NSSF-KAVC title

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By Clive Kyazze

Posted  Monday, August 11   2014 at  09:36


RRA’s main attacker Charlotte Nzayisenga was on point throughout of the game putting to good use the setter Edinestine Akimnizanye balls.

The Rwandans took the first set 25-23

VVC’s struggled to have a consistent block as the Rwandans took advantage of it whenever they pleased.

Attackers Peace Busingye and Vivian Adeke were also far from the best just like muddle attackers Irene Adeke and Zaina Kagoya.

Even when VVC coach Hannington Nsubuga changed setters from Viola Akisa to Shamim Makongoro, that didn’t stop RRA from taking the second set 25- 15.

The third was point for point right from the start until 14 all before RRA broke away to make it 20-16. VVC recovered to make it 20 all with Kagoya’s services proving to be hard to tame by RRA.

At 22-21 RRA never looked back winning the set 25-22 adding the NSSF-KAVC International (their first) to the Rwanda Genocide Memorial Championship they won last June.

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