Saturday August 30 2014

UVF unofficially reconsiders jersey demand

By Clive Kyazze


Uganda Volleyball Federation (UVF) have been forced to reconsider their demand that all clubs playing in the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Volleyball League should wear branded jerseys.
Though an official statement is yet to be issued by UVF, wearing jerseys that are branded with the NSSF logo at league games will be optional.
That is to apply to all the teams playing in the men’s Serie A and the women’s division.
“It was agreed that no club was going to be forced to don the NSSF branded uniforms, if it does not want to associate and promote the sponsor’s brand,” said a statement on
“Only the clubs that have promoted the sponsor’s brand during the season shall be entitled to any financial benefit that shall accrue from the sponsorship,” the statement continued.

At the meeting chaired by UVF president Sadik Nasiwu on Tuesday evening, UVF also promised a cash prize of US$1000 for the winner of the men and women leagues.
Sadik refused to speak to this newspaper citing the reason of ‘not being in the right mood to do interviews’.
In the same vein NSSF public relations manager Victor Karamaji declined to speak to Saturday Monitor. In the past weeks UVF and clubs have been at loggerheads, the former threatening to throw clubs out of the league for failing to comply.
Nemostars had categorically declined to promote a brand that they don’t benefit from directly while Sport-S and KCCA refused to wear the jersey despite picking