Thursday April 24 2014

Uspa get home at Namboole

By Andrew Mwanguhya

KAMPALA- Hardly your swanky locale, the Uganda Sports Press Association (Uspa) office, but humble and comfortable enough to host business – at least for starters - after 40 decades of homelessness.

Uspa can now proudly give you directions to Mandela National Stadium, Namboole where a well furnished room in white paint is now their abode.

A book shelf containing Uspa records from the time of inception over 40 years ago occupies one corner, while portraits of all 10 presidents since 1970 hug the white wall.

“This is rebranding,” said National Council of Sports (NCS) general secretary Jasper Aligawesa, who officially opened the office yesterday, “And Uspa will get bigger and bigger.

“As NCS we are proud of the partnership we have with Uspa as they are the biggest promoters of sports in the country.” In addition to a 32-inch flat screen television set NCS gave to Uspa in 2012, Aligawesa also pledged a radio for the scribes to keep updated while at work.

Uspa president Mark Namanya said: “We shall continue to try and be more professional in our work.” Uspa founding chairman Fred Sekitto called it a “huge landmark after 40 years without a home.”