Wednesday August 20 2014

Volleyball body bans Sport-S’ Muhangi for ‘disrespect’



Uganda’s volleyball is destined to hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons if the parties concerned don’t reach a common understanding.
From clubs refusing to wear jerseys with the league sponsors logo to Uganda Volleyball Federation (UVF) using the whatapp group platform to suspend club officials.
The latest is Sport-S’ board member and player Warren Muhangi who was yesterday suspended by UVF with immediate effect.

In a letter dated August 19 and signed by UVF president Sadik Nasiwu, Muhangi is being accused of using foul language and disrespecting the UVF executive.
“You have been suspended from all Uganda Volleyball Federations (UVF) activities with immediate effect,” Nasiwu’s letter reads in part.
“This suspension is as a result of your abusive language and a clear disrespect to the executive arm of the federation.”
“It’s clearly evident on your Facebook postings and subsequent email, of which the details will be provided,” Nasiwu added.


Muhangi retaliated in a response to UVF. “I will not accept your suspension or make a reply to it until you furnish me with evidence of the mentioned allegations,” read the player’s email. “I expect that to be done before end of business today as I have a league match to participate in.”
Muhangi added, “I will insist, you are accusing me falsely....and trying to end my rather good and brilliant career in Ugandan Volleyball prematurely with your personal and your club’s grudges you have with me.”
“I hope I get the necessary evidence that I have asked for and not the rumors you have given me,” added Muhagi.
Muhangi, Andrew Ojala, (Nemostars head of communication) and Joseph Mary Ssempiira (Mulago Volleyball Club’s general secretary), have, on several occasions, criticised the federation on a number of issues.

The latest of such issues raised by the aforementioned trio is their dislike of UVF command that all teams playing in the Men’s NSSF Volleyball League Serie A wear the sponsor’s kit or carry the NSSF logo on their jerseys.

About Muhangi: A setter and one of the best in the country because of his intelligence, ability to read movements of his teammates and those of the opponents while on court. Muhagi has not played for any other club in the league other than Sport-S and on several occasion has found himself on the ‘wrong side’ of the low for being open minded about volleyball issues in Uganda.