Thursday March 8 2018

Water Polo: Belgian players to initiate locals into game

Growing sport: Water polo players in training.

Growing sport: Water polo players in training. PHOTO BY M. MUZIRANSA 

By Makhtum Muziransa


Uganda will host eight Belgian water polo players on March 30 at Green Hill Academy.
The aim is to initiate local players into the playing environment as the newly introduced aquatic sport continues to grow ahead of the National Championships in July.
“They are going to show us basics of the game and then mix up with our players for a game or two,” Erick Kisero, one of the two coaches assessing national team players, told Daily Monitor.
At the recent national team evaluation held on Sunday at Green Hill, 20 players were passed for the mission.

Improvement evident
“From the assessment, we can see that the players are improving by the day. It is only a few young ones that are lagging behind but they have time on their side to catch up,” Kisero said.
Uganda partly owes the progress of the game to Belgium since it is the efforts of Belgian coach Gram Gil, that have fueled water polo here. It is therefore no coincidence that the first test will come against Belgians.
Kisero and Gil, who has over 14 years experience playing the game, have been getting coaches and players acquainted with the sport since August while former South Africa national team coach Brad Rowe also held a water polo clinic here in December.