Only Kobs made dash for the title

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Posted  Tuesday, February 18   2014 at  02:00

In Summary

Champions Kobs show that ‘hunger to excel’ can bring back to the good glory days.

KAMPALA- There was a mini scuffle for the trophy between the DMark Kobs players and fans. But it was all in good faith.

Each was equally hungry to lift aloft the piece of silverware that had eluded them for five years.

Sixth-time lucky they were and it was easy to forgive their over-the-top celebrations.
Fourteen weeks of intense action had turned around Kobs’ fortunes from woeful losers to chest thumping champions.

At the beginning of the 2013/14 season, Kobs were men on a mission and they dubbed their campaign “let’s bring it home”, as they sought means of ending MTN Heathens stranglehold.

And they managed to see the light of day by reclaiming the title in style. Even after clinching the ‘holy grail’ with two games to spare, the men-in-blue never stepped off the gas.
They turned up for the next game against Heathens like it was the decider and later sealed it by finishing the season unbeaten.

Kobs’ stats after the campaign show that their opponents were always going to finish second best. The tallied 67 points, 14 points clear of runners-up Heathens. During their 100% run, they touched down 97 times, conceding just six tries.

“The hard work we put in from gym to training sessions has finally paid off” said skipper Brian Odong after receiving his medal on Saturday. Odong’s words here only proving even further that Kobs deserved their gong because they were the only ones who really fought.

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