Friday November 3 2017

Pack impact highlighted ahead of Uganda Cup final showdown

By Deus Bugembe

Kampala. It’s easy to overlook the work put in by the forwards as they rarely do the fancy stuff majority of the fans look out for.
But at the same time, it’s safe to say they play the most important role in the game.
Without forwards, the backline can never function. Forwards set the stage to enable backs seize their moments as they flatter to deceive with soft work. The ‘big men’ put the team on the front foot by securing the ball, making the solid yards and carrying out lots of unnoticed work.
Backs Michael Wokorach and Ivan Magomu of Hima Heathens and Buzz Pirates respectively are some of the players that have benefitted from the shifts put in by their packs, no wonder it’s no blinder that they realise their significance.
As the two face off tomorrow in the Uganda Cup final, the pair will be banking on their respective packs to pull strings for stability.
“The game will be won in the forwards because they do a lot of dirty work at the breakdown and the set pieces,” Magomu told Daily Monitor before admitting Heathens have an upper hand when it comes to the department in experience. “The pack control the game to give the line a clean ball,” Wokorach echoed Magomu’s thoughts and he agrees that the Heathens’ pack might have the experience but it will take more than that to outmuscle the youthful Pirates pack. “On paper yes we have a slight advantage but if it turns out like it was in the semifinals then it will not count at all,” he reasoned.
Blind side Musa Muwonge was man of the match in the 25-23 win over Kobs and along with open side Desire Ayera is expected to light up the final.