Saturday July 5 2014

Two-horse race as Heathens, Buffaloes seek KCB Sevens title


Three circuits down, one left and two possible winners at the end of the day is the perfect scenario for any rugby fan who will be heading to Legends Rugby Grounds for the final circuit of the 2014 KCB National Sevens season.

With the Kyadondo, Makerere and Mbale stopovers done, Legends will witness a two-horse race fir the title between Protector Heathens and Toyota Buffaloes. Heathens lead the standings with Buffaloes a close second.

Michael Tamale’s Heathens know they only have to reach the final to be certain of retaining their title whereas Buffaloes have to win the circuit and hope that Heathens find misfortune along the way and don’t make the Main Cup semi finals.

But Tamale has ruled out any chance of his team stumbling at the final hurdle. “We have been brilliant from day one,” said Tamale. “I don’t see us choking at this stage where it matters most.”

Buffaloes are, however, determined to spoil Heathen’s party by winning their maiden national Sevens title.

“It is going to be hard for them not to make the semis but we shall play our part and see how it goes, “ said Buffaloes scrum-half Paul Epillo.

Kyadondo Leg: Protector Heathens
Makerere Leg: Protector Heathens
Mbale Leg: Toyota Buffaloes
Legends Leg: ???