Thursday August 28 2014

Beach soccer players yet to master basics



Beach Soccer has three demands, speed, agility and skill, but the local players in Uganda are far from meeting any.
At least day one of the 2014 Pespi National Beach Soccer League didn’t give fans that extra excitement last weekend.
Players did more clearing on the sand than actually controlling the ball and taking shots on goal. Or even exhibit those twists and turns that would keep fans on the edges of their seats.
“When you talk of skills, teams have not really paid a lot of attention on developing the skills and talents of their players,” said national team coach Hamza Junju.
“Some teams try to have their players train on sand at least twice a week but that is not enough. They (teams) are not to blame because they don’t have the financial muscle to train their teams on sand,” he added.
Nevertheless, Junju urges teams to ensure that they find time and resources to train on the sand.
“It’s the only way the game will grow, but if it doesn’t happen we are going to stay on this level without getting better,” added Junju.
The sponsorship packages also need to be revised if the game is to reach the heights everyone wants it to get to.
“And there is need for a work format even with one sponsor a bigger percentage of the sponsorship should go into the teams.”
“When you look at the sponsorship packages they involve a lot of marketing the products of the sponsor and not developing the necessities of the game, that has to change,” Junju added.
Beach Soccer is less than a decade old in Uganda and despite Fifa’s support with courses for referees and coaches it is yet to completely get off the ground.