Sunday June 24 2018

Bullish Mbidde enters Villa presidential race

Been There, Done That. Mbidde has thrown his

Been There, Done That. Mbidde has thrown his hat in the ring as the elections draw close. Photo by J. Batanudde 


KAMPALA. Dennis Ssebugwawo Mbidde is a man who needs little or no introduction to Ugandan sport and football particular.
From Save Our Soccer to various cranes sponsorship deals, National Council of Sports and Fufa, Mbidde has been all-over the place. For the second successive SC Villa election, the man of many offices and lives but now Sports Broadcasting managing director is throwing his hat into the club’s presidential elections. He previously stood down for incumbent Ben Misagga before the two fell out with Mbidde working as the former’s Vice president.

He officially declared his interest at a function curiously held at local pub in Kyebando where he immediately went on the defensive. “Many people have asked me why we have organized our launch at such a place and I responded in no uncertain terms that Villa is a community club, this is where most club fans reside,” he started. He went on to recite his long association with the club that stretches back to his father’s involvement as one of the club’s first administrators.
“We shall do whatever it takes. Many people have been faulting us for caning Vipers fans now we are ready to cane anyone who wants to play with the Villa brand,” in what could be described as a cross between light hearted comment and a threat.

“We can shed blood too if need be,” he added. He went further to state a willingness to organize parallel elections even if he is “eligible to stand under the election guidelines aimed to favour incumbent Ben Misagga’s” leadership.
“This is a fans’ club and not someone’s personal property. My message to all Villa fans is that elections will be held on 12th July and not on any other day,” he said.