Monday January 1 2018

Dr Mulindwa salutes all at thanksgiving ceremony in Kanyike

Congratulations. Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa cutting

Congratulations. Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa cutting a cake with his family and friends during the thanksgiving ceremony at his country home in Kammengo. Photo by Ismail Kezaala 

By INNOCENT NDAWULA & Ismail Kezaala


In the local dialect, Mulindwa means ‘the protected one’. But the reverse has been true throughout the life of Fufa Honorary president and Vipers Sports Club owner Lawrence Mulindwa.
Besides God’s divine grace that is equally bestowed unto every human, Mulindwa has asked for so little and yet given back a lot to humanity and society.
And after earning a deserved Doctorate for his distinguished services to education and sports over the years in Uganda, you would be tempted to think that Dr Mulindwa has hit his zenith and is going to rest on his laurels.
Not quite. Instead the St Mary’s Kitende Secondary School proprietor revealed that his latest recognition is going to shoot his generosity through the roof.
“Now that I am a Doctor, I will treat all diseases,” said the amiable gentle giant while throwing guests into bouts of laughter during the his speech at a Thanksgiving Ceremony for his doctorate from the Commonwealth University of London at his country home in Kanyike village, Kammengo on December 29. “I am motivated, energised and inspired to invest more in sports and education. My joy is when the lives of people are improved and I will not stop to better society.”
The was attended by guests who included his extended family, religious leaders, football coaches, Fufa representatives and the town council leadership. Rev. Fr Denis Kizito Ssebunya, who led mass at the Thanksgiving, explained in detail how Mulindwa was picked for the doctorate.
“The (University) did their research on him without Dr Mulindwa’s input or knowledge for a significant amount of time before zeroing on his name,” Fr Kizito told guests.
A visibly humbled if not enthralled Dr Mulindwa paid tribute to the people who have helped him in his journey to support and change society for the better.

Fufa honorary president Lawrence Mulindwa, now christened Dr after getting a doctorate, paid a glowing tribute to his mother Catherine Mulindwa Nakyejwe at a thanksgiving ceremony in Kanyike village, Kammengo to celebrate his doctorate.
A humbled Dr Mulindwa told guests that while he appreciated all the kind words showered in his direction, the real hero was his mother Catherine.
“Without her, I am nothing. She has been the pillar all through my life and I thank God for her good health,” Dr Mulindwa remarked.
The St Mary’s Kitende proprietor and Vipers president received a doctorate last month from the Commonwealth University of London thanks to his outstanding contribution to society through sports and education. A jovial Dr Mulindwa reiterated that his latest recognition had motivated him to better society through education and sports. “I am now going to be a doctor of several ‘diseases’ in society but it is a challenge that I’m happy to take on through the Mulindwa Foundation,” the former Fufa president said as several guests broke into laughter.
The Mulindwa Foundation pays school fees for needy students and looks after the elderly among other things. “My joy is when the lives of people are improved and I will not stop.”