Wednesday March 14 2018

Fufa, Buganda agree on Drum, Masaza existence coexistence

New beginning: Fufa president Magogo (left)

New beginning: Fufa president Magogo (left) presenting a football to Buganda Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga. Photo by JB Ssenkubuge 

By Denis Bbosa

KAMPALA. There were big crowds at all venues that hosted the inaugural Fufa Drum tourney three weeks ago except at Masaka Recreation Ground. Hosts Buganda Province stunningly lost 1-0 to Kigezi Province at a virtually empty stadium.
Reason? Buganda football fans nursed a concern that the province-based tourney was hatched to submerge the much cherished annual Masaza Cup.

To quell the sentiment, Fufa President Moses Magogo and members of his executive yesterday paid a courtesy visit to Buganda Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga at Mengo and the two parties came to a fruitful conclusion.
“Football is leisure sport but a job. It is important to exchange ideas and advice. What I have been searching for in this meeting is developing Uganda and Buganda football,” an excited Mayiga told Daily Monitor.
He didn’t hide his initial fear; “We feared that Fufa Drum tourney will contradict Masaza but after explanations from Magogo I know the two will help unearth talent.”
Whereas the Drum tourney grants liberty to every active player, the Masaza are closed on Fufa Big league players, Uganda Premier League and professionals.

Mayiga directed the Buganda football technical wing to join hands with their Fufa counterparts to draft an appropriate calendar that will facilitate a smooth co-existence.
“Buganda has a good relationship with Fufa. King Daudi Chwa was the first Fufa President (in 1924), King Edward Muteesa supported and played football whereas King Ronald Mutebi helped in resurrecting the Masaza and Bika tourneys,” Mayiga added.

The Fufa president said the federation has been seeking audience with Buganda and Mayiga in particular because ‘his leadership skills inspire young leaders like him (Magogo)’.
“He wanted to understand Fufa Drum and we explained it to him, we also discussed how to develop Masaza and many football aspects,” Magogo said.
The Fufa Drum tourney returns this weekend with Buganda visiting Acholi in one of the most anticipated games set for Pece Stadium in Gulu.