Obuyas help Tornado B overcome Challengers

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Tornado B skipper Jeremy Kibuukamusoke (white cap) speaks

Tornado B skipper Jeremy Kibuukamusoke (white cap) speaks tactics with his teammates on Sunday after picking the wicket of danger man Arthur Kyobe (not in pic) for three at Lugogo. Obuya brothers Collins (3rd L) and David (R) starred. Photo by Eddie Chicco 


Posted  Tuesday, May 13   2014 at  01:00

In Summary

There was a third straight century coming from Division II by Chirag Patel of Premier and every team batting first won its rubber.

KAMPALA- Tornado B are a classic example of the idiom, ‘a leopard never changes its spots’.

After Kampala Institute of Cricket Clubs (KICC) relied on the Kenyan trio of Alex Obanda, Elijah Otieno and Maurice Ouma to oust them by 10 runs at the quarterfinal stage of the National Twenty20 League last month, the reigning league champions shipped in Obuya brothers Collins and David for the crucial game against T20 champions Challengers on Sunday.

The result was a clinical 54-run win thanks to Collins and David’s steady knocks of 40 and 38 runs respectively.
The clash, which wasn’t short of fiery exchanges and attended by the suspended pair of Charles Waiswa and John Tumusiime - which might force the disciplinary committee to swing into action again, moved Tornado B clear of the pack on 17 points.

“We bowled well but batted poorly and they did the same,” Challengers captain Syed Thaha conceded defeat before adding, “The opposition had no spirit of sportsmanship as they made many racial comments.”

Tornado B 204 Challengers 150
Nile 216 Rounders 85
Warriors 152 Mwiri 103
Premier 189 Makerere 75

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