World Cup

FIFA to investigate Argentina banner

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By Agencies

Posted  Monday, June 9  2014 at  18:38

FIFA have confirmed that they are investigating the display of a political banner by the Argentina squad at the weekend.

The players unfurled a banner which said Las Malvinas Son Argentinas (The Falklands are Argentine) before their match with Slovenia on Saturday night.

The team has paraded similar banners before, but with the World Cup about to start the incident has put the gesture under the spotlight.

FIFA have confirmed to Sky Sports News that they will review the incident.

FIFA does not allow political messages during matches, and Argentina could be punished by the sport’s governing body as a result.

Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands in 1982, but British forces forced their surrender after a short but bloody war.

Argentina lost 649 servicemen during the conflict, the UK 255. In a recent referendum on the Falklands on whether the islanders wanted to remain British, 1513 voted yes and just three voted no.

The sovereignty of the islands remains a big issue in Argentina, with the vast majority of the public wanting them back under Argentine control.