Sunday March 30 2014

One of my testicles is below the other. Is this dangerous?

By Vincent Karuhanga

Dear Doctor: I am a 16-year-old student. One of my testicles is below the other. Is this dangerous?- S.N.O

Dear S.N.O: The testes hang at two different levels. Although it may not be easily noticed in babies, at puberty (around your age), boys notice their scrotum becoming longer and the testes bigger.

The scrotum, which carries the testes away from the main body, helps the testes achieve a good sperm yield at a temperature lower than that of the main body.

The testes hang at different levels because they would hit each other if they were on the same level hence lowering sperm yields. To prevent the testes from hitting each other when a man is walking or running, the left testicle hangs lower than the right in 85 per cent of men.
Also, the testes have different blood vessels with the right being shorter and the left being longer. Surprisingly, it is the right testicle which is lower than the left in left handed people.

Puberty is a time when children get concerned about their unexplained body changes therefore you are right to ask about your observation of one testicle hanging lower than the other.