Sunday July 27 2014

A disappointing pork affair

A wise sage once observed that a pig resembles a saint in that he is more honored after death than in his lifetime. Ugandans have an insatiable love for pork with the favourite and desired way of cooking the meat being the dry-heat method that takes into account the heavy fat content thus allowing it adequate basting.

Joy’s Pork Joint has been around for many years and many have extolled the virtue of their pork though until recently, I had never visited the place. Despite the death of the owner Joy who passed on in a tragic accident some years back, the place is very popular. It was not until last week when a friend and I decided to check out the joint and I must say on the whole we were not that impressed.

Spoken menu
The waitress who approached us made her presence known with a spoken menu that comprised pork, fish and chicken. Worth noting is that one has to pay up front before the food is served.

There was no mention of the nature of preparation of the above items. Needless to say there are countless ways of preparing pork ranging from boiled, roasted, charcoal grilled. Offhand, I would say that these are the best known and preferred ways of cooking pork though deep fried is also a possibility albeit rare.

When ordering for the pork, I asked if it was possible to have rice as an accompaniment and was curtly informed that the deal was pork served with cassava and greens and avocado. At this point I should have had the presence of mind to inquire about the mode of preparation, but assumed that it would be grilled only to be served exactly four morsels (deep fried)of meat (admittedly sizeable) accompanied with two pieces of very cold boiled cassava, a spoon of greens and a very thin slice of avocado.

The cheque
Not bad for a tenner one might say, but even in the case of deep fried pork, it is amazing what a simple marinade of say garlic, thyme, lemon and pepper would have done to the meat, salt, plain old salt as seasoning is being injudicious and niggardly. Nowadays even the roadside pork joints that abound in and around Kampala dish up the pork with a few embellishments and the people love it!

Fellow trencherman fared better with his fried fish which at slightly over a tenner was more than a bargain. Indeed the point should not be lost that deep fried fish is always a popular and common choice among fellow Ugandan diners.

If you go…
Our rating: OK/so so
The Place Joy’s Pork Joint
Address: Wandegeya
The Space: Spacious albeit not well-lit with an al fresco setting
The Crowd: Ugandans
The menu: All manner of fried pork chicken or fish
The Bar: Juice beer soda and mineral water
Recommended dishes: The deep fried fish will do at a pinch
The damage: Lunch for two including a beer and juice is around Shs 25,000
Sound level: Agreeable
Parking: Available though you will have to part with kitu kidogo for the parking attendant/guard
Smoke free zone: Not allowed indoors
If you go: Daily

RATINGS: Not to be missed, worth a visit, OK/so so, don’t waste your time.
These ratings are purely the reviewer’s personal reaction to food, ambience and service with price being factored into consideration. The menu listings and prices are subject to change without notice.