Saturday February 2 2013

Javas Kisementi maintains the chain’s high standards

Cafe Javas Kisementi

A client walks into the foyer at Cafe Javas Kisementi. The new restaurant will not disappoint loyal clients. photos by Ismail Kezaala 

By Kadumukasa Kironde II

Hajji Umar Mandela and his brothers, the partners in Kampala’s premiere café company Javas, debuted their latest Javas café with the highly anticipated opening of the Kisementi branch. What many people may not be aware of is that this particular Javas is located on three acres of prime land of which half is going to be a children’s park, the likes of which has not been seen in Kampala and the other part is the café, a filling station, service centre for cars and tyres as well as a proposed high class department store.

Interestingly, despite forming part of a chain - and for those of you who are counting, this is number five. Unlike many chain restaurants or cafes, they have wisely chosen not to do a copy cat of the brand, allowing for individuality, which of course means taking into account the lay of the land.

This works very well and to get a better idea of what I mean, Javas Nakawa along the Jinja highway is more of a roadside café in terms of design and concept, whereas Javas Bakuli/Namirembe road is quasi suburbia while this Javas at Kisementi fits in perfectly with the upscale and elite area that Kisementi has gradually morphed into. If anybody was ever in doubt, ask the British High Commission and the Uganda Museum both who are within spitting distance.

To get a better idea of what I mean, one has to pay a visit to the new Acacia Shopping Mall that is being built (expected to be ready for occupation around October). Besides occupying a city block, it is magnificently built and will by far be superior to any of the cheap and tacky run-of-the-mill shopping malls in the Kampala skyline.
The 150-seat air-conditioned café stretches more than 100 feet of prime storefront area, with a glass panelled façade that opens directly into the café at the corner of Acacia and Hajji Kasule Road.

As soon as one enters, you would be forgiven for thinking that you were in a café in Europe! On your left, is a long elegant granite counter that features as a work area for making coffee, milkshakes and other such beverages. At the same time, that room opens up into an elegant lounge (replete with a high ceiling) that has a row of lovely soft and grey leather like sofas that are recessed against the wall, which offer perfect reposing while sipping a well made coffee and enjoying a meal.

Not to be overlooked is the large patio that overlooks the Children’s park and this can comfortably accommodate 50 or so diners. They have ordered canopies that will slide in and out and shelter one from the sun. In the mean time you will have to make do with parasols that are not very efficient. Still, a minor problem considering the overall utter elegance and beauty that the place offers.

Along the wall are a couple of cozy alcoves built into the wall and these are perfect for those who prefer privacy when they are out.
One can always be assured of the high standard of the food and the service is never a letdown. The cleanliness and the attitude of the waiters is a refreshing and a remarkable achievement. The food is second to none and raises the bar to an even higher level than before! While the vegetables are done al dente or fried as you please.