Sunday March 3 2013

QUICK RECIPE: Poor Boy Steak Salad

Poor Boy Steak Salad

Poor Boy Steak Salad 

By Ivan Okuda

Serves 4
1 kg whole beef fillet steak
1 iceberg lettuce
4 tomatoes quartered
1 bunch watercress
1 large thinly sliced yellow onion
4 sliced dill pickles
4 sliced spring onions
8 halved button mushrooms
12 green olives
4 canned artichoke hearts

I) Season the steak with black pepper and salt and cook steaks do the desired doneness until ready to prepare the sandwich.
II) Wash the salad leaves and spin dry and combine with the remainder of the ingredients (except the steak) and toss with French dressing.
III) Divide the steak between 4 plates and plates. Slice each steak diagonally and position over the salad. Lightly season with salt and pepper.


Hellena Okiring, Programmes Manager Uganda Youth Network

My favourite food is….
Coming from Teso, it has to be atapa (millet bread) and any good sauce
The food I can cook best is….
I think I cook all food equally well
My feel good treat is…
Smoked fish prepared with thick groundnut paste and atapa
The weirdest food I have ever eaten is…
I would need more time to remember, that is if any.
The food I will never eat is…
Anything that is taboo in my land
The food I would love to try out is…
A bit of Indian food.