Friday January 31 2014

Want to have good food? go to the suburbs

The  meal

You get such a meal. Photo by Edgar R. Batte 


Tastes, aroma, food presentation and ambience are the main merits upon which opinions are formed about a restaurant. Kemi’s Kitchen, in its modest nature, offers these points.

When you have found a seat or as you try to get one, you already feel welcome, with a waitress, waiter or manager asking you how you are.
As you settle in or catch your breath you will be given the menu. As you run through it, your senses are already feeding. The aroma from the kitchen is tempting and as other guests are served you are able to make up your mind on what order to place.

The food
Pasta dishes, spicy mushroom, pepper steaks, pork-chops, goat ribs, crisp, well-marinated grilled chicken, doused chicken wings, creamy butter chicken or fish curry in creamy sauce are some of the items on the menu for you to choose. These are served with rice, potato wedges or chips.

If you are a couple or have gone out with friends you might want to try out the tasty in-house pizzas made with toppings of your choice. There is more to choose from.

“We have a special, Kemi’s special, which has a great mix of grilled chicken, minced meat, bacon, mushroom, mixed vegetables and cheese,” Sarah Wangu, Kemi’s manager says. She says this joint gets its name from one of the daughters of the proprietors.

If you are not a fan of meats you will find the vegetarian meals delightful, with eggs done with cheese or the Spanish way. These are served with Heinz beans, farm fresh grilled tomatoes and fried potatoes. Also served are vegetarian soups, a vegetable curry, vegetable sandwiches, burgers and pizzas.
And what’s more is that the drinks menu does not disappoint.

“Our drinks menu is just as diverse with great espressos, milkshakes, smoothies, herbal teas, freshly-made juices, beers, whiskeys, sherries, gins, liquors, vodkas, rums, wines and cocktails. “We also offer pastries and desserts, comprising in-house ice-creams, fruit cakes, black forest, muffins, pies, croissants and coffee cake,” Wangu adds.

You will find Kemi’s at Quality Shopping Village in Naalya, in an unassuming converted parking lot, covered in a canvas shade. The atmosphere there is relaxing, complimented with a beautiful man-made waterfall and fish pond.

The walls of the petit restaurant are dotted with portraits of art and a television screen. The flowers, carefully placed within the restaurant, add life to the hangout’s set-up.

Wangu says, “We cater for clients who wish to have a relaxed wining and dining or coffee experience without the hustle and bustle of getting into town.”
If you will not be having breakfast, lunch or dinner then you could be meeting there or making merry as you celebrate a birthday party. If you want to spend some quiet time and get to know that special person in your life then Kemi’s is inviting.

Pluses and minuses
The food is good and while the ambience is lovely, it might not be conducive all the time. You will have to bear with hooting from the parking lot especially during busy hours given the fact that the hangout shares space with the parking space.

And then when it rains there is a bit of inconvenience for customers as management tries to adjust the canvas covers to shield the place from the rain. At times, the seats are moved in order for the rain not to wet the customers or some of the facilities.

So the next time you are looking for a contemporary restaurant with an alcohol and coffee bar you might want to try out Kemi’s.