Friday March 14 2014

A night of dance and rib-cracking jokes

MC Kapale entertains revellers. Photos  by

MC Kapale entertains revellers. Photos by Michael kakumirizi 


They hit the stage at exactly 9pm. Both male and female dancers clad in traditional attire akin to that of blue-collar jobs. They included a gomesi, boda boda rider helmet, reflector jacket, and school uniforms.
With their first dance moves, Kings Dance Crew fired up the crowd while grooving to classics like Chacka Demus and Pliers’ Murder She Wrote.
The dance group put up a top-notch performance last Thursday at Fusion Auto Spa Munyonyo during the launch of “Dance Meets Comedy” night that will be happening every Thursday night at the bar.

This show was part of the Women’s Day package the bar organised for its customers.

Fun-packed night
Lots of entertainment came on that night, including stand-up comedians. It was also a platform of sorts for underground comedians that are seeking a breakthrough into the industry.

The dance crew entertained revellers with sophisticated dance moves that wowed them all night long. Dance moves like popping and locking, break dance and B-boy freezes, dominated the dancers’ strokes.

Also, the lady dancers’ skimpy attire made the gentlemen in the house drool, consequently making them pull out their phones to take a recording of the performance. The ladies enthusiastically danced to songs like Tight Up Skirt, Gorilla Foot and others, making revellers scream their lungs out.

The Kings Dance group had three sessions. The last one turned into an acrobatics of sorts. They had danced lame. They felt it was time to entertain the already worked up crowd with gymnastic moves. They formed a queue and each dancer dived through hula hoops, showing that they are not only good at dancing, but also acrobatics.

MC Kapale’s moment
The most peeving act of the night was renowned comedian MC Kapale. He cracked his usual uncouth and obscene jokes. His lines were full of profanity and swear words. Most vulgar lines cannot appear here (the printer would crash). Still this did not stop the crowd from laughing off.
Precisely, the dancers made the night worthwhile, more than the comedians.