Friday July 11 2014

Amooti re-invents self in new group

Amooti  and other performers thrill crowds with

Amooti and other performers thrill crowds with their comical skits recently. 

By Emmy Omongin

“Life is not about how many times you fall down. It’s about how many times you get back up.”, says Jaime Escalante. Comedian Allan Mujuni aka Amooti Omubalanguzi can testify to this.
Having fallen out with Paddy Bitama (RIP) and just recently Messe, Amooti knows one or two things about staying relevant.
Amooti, under his new group Amarula Productions, is hoping to put his career back on track while inspiring other budding comedians to follow suit.
At Laftaz Lounge in Jinja and Thatch Gardens in Mbale, Amooti, together with comedians Cool J and Musonso, proved his critics wrong with some dazzling comedy skits during the Mirinda Comedy tour in the region.
The other performers of the tour were Bright Onak Tweteise, who says he is the only comedian from Western Ugandan with swag, and Omukebete.
Amooti says the new Amarula Productions is more than just comedy. “I want to have a fully-fledged group that can give audiences all kinds of performances; musical and comedy,” he says.
“As you can realise, the group has its own deejay, musicians and emcee,” bragged Amooti.
Indeed after the two performances, Amooti and his group stormed Sombreros (Jinja) and El Tanjia and gave the revellers of the two nightspots a great experience of what they have to offer.
The tour heads to the west next month.