Friday August 17 2018

Arua residents accuse socialite Brian White of bribing them to vote for NRM

Arua residents accuse Brian White bribing them vote NRM

Bryan White (C), Zari Hassan (L) and a resident of Arua resident (L). Bryan White gave out bicycles, sugar and other goods plus money to people in Arua. PHOTO CREDIT: BRYAN WHITE FOUNDATION FACEBOOK PAGE 

By Monitor Reporter

Residents of Arua Municipality have revealed that shadowy Kampala city socialite Bryan White gave them money and advised them to vote for National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate Nusura Tiperu in the recently concluded Member of Parliament by-election.

Two weeks to the elections, Bryan White (real names Brian Kirumira) pitched camp in Arua Town under the guise of helping youths and women out of poverty.

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