Saturday June 7 2014

Chilling at the beach


Sunday afternoon gets me on a road trip to Entebbe, the land of the Lake Victoria waters. I head to Spennah Beach for some fish, beers and good music. After 45 minutes of the ride, I land on a smooth tarmac airport road leading to the beach. At the entrance, I pay Shs5,000. As I get in, I am welcomed by a fresh breeze and sight of brown Lake Victoria waters.

Folks are galloping litres of water while swimming, others are plainly running and throwing the ball back and forth in water.

The night hits in. I have just realised the efforts of getting downright high have gone to another level. Patrons have no problem doing drugs out in the open and on the regular. Minutes after pouring their first bevvies, a group, seated on the wet beach sand begins to crush up what looks like various pills and put them non-discreetly into their drinks. One of the guys catches me staring at them. He winks and signals me to go get a pill.

This is something that I have to make a conscious effort to turn a blind eye to. I believe that ignorance is bliss and the last thing anybody wants on their fun Saturday night out is a UMEME-black-out of sorts. I reject his offer and swiftly hit back to the counter for my second bottle of beer that cost me Shs5,000.

On the other hand, what these revellers are doing is illegal. Is it any of my business to have them removed from the premises? Heck no! I mean, of course I could call security. But the chaps will obviously deny it and know that I was the tattle tale, which will be super awkward. Nobody likes a tattle tale.