Saturday August 30 2014

Comedians leave Hoima, Masaka fans in stitches

Though well known for mimicking President

Though well known for mimicking President Museveni, Mendo Sevo this time round joked about Nigerians.  

By Lawrence Ogwal

Last weekend, Fun factory, under the Mirinda comedy platform, toured the western region. The comedy group held two shows, one on Friday at Call in Pub in Hoima and at Bijja Hotel in Masindi the following day.
The comedians included Dickson Zizinga, Mendo Sevo, Hannington Bugingo, Tindi, Richard Tuwangye and Vero among others.
The show in Hoima had a moderate and less screaming crowd. The best show was in Masindi, evidenced with the lively crowd which seemed to laugh their lungs out whenever each comedian stepped on stage.
Zizinga and Mendo had revellers shed tears with their rib-cracking jokes. “One time I wanted to cheat on my wife. I came up with a stunt but didn’t know it was a weak one. I told my wife I was going to see my auntie who was admitted in the hospital after sustaining a serious car injury.” Zizinga joked. At the end of the story, he attracted much applause when he said his auntie, whom he has lied about had planned a surprise visit and when his wife saw the auntie whom he had said was in the hospital, she called him. Because he was ashamed, he turned to the auntie and told her to stop visiting him before informing him.
Though Mendo is always known for mimicking the President, he this time joked about Nigerian. He said Nigerians are liars and short tempered. “The Nigerian commentators are so personal. When they are doing commentary on a match and a Nigerian player misses a goal, they end up abusing him on air and shouting and giving advice to the coach as though the players can hear them from wherever they are.”
Shows in both areas ended at 7pm.

Mirinda comedy tour

The tour. The up country Mirinda comedy tours continue next month and will end with a finale show at Laftaz Comedy Lounge at Centenary Park, Kampala in December.
Charges. Unlike the up country shows where entrance fee is Shs5,000, the ones in Kampala go for Shs10,000.