Saturday September 9 2017

Geosteady proves a point in maiden concert

Geosteady (left) entertaining fans who turned

Geosteady (left) entertaining fans who turned up for his music concert at Imperial Royale on Friday night. PHOTO BY MICHAEL KAKUMIRIZI 

By Isaac Ssejjombwe

Six years might seem a long time, and yet it is how long it took Geosteady to stage his maiden concert. It paid off as he had a very successful concert at Imperial Royale Hotel on Friday evening.
A concert can be deemed successful when the management of the venue decide to bring in extra seats before telling people with general tickets to go and occupy VIP seats upstairs. That was what happened at Geosteady’s concert.

Clad in an all-white attire, Geosteady came on stage at 10pm after artistes such as Fille, Big Eye, B2C and Tip Swizzy had performed.
He kicked off his performance with ‘Mbuuza’ then ‘Nawuma’, a cover of ‘Ganja planter’, ‘Ssente’ and ‘Ndiwamululu’ before stepping off the stage in what would be seen as his first session. He was joined by Fik Fameika whose ‘Byenyenya’ and ‘Pistol’ took the show a notch higher.
Geosteady then returned, this time wearing an all-black attire. He then performed ‘Same way’ with Lydia Jazmine, and ‘Owooma’ among others.

He then stepped off the stage, leaving it for King Saha whose reception was even more than Geosteady’s.
A video clip of Geosteady’s music journey was played with his dad also giving a testimony of how he failed at some point to get his school fees. The self-proclaimed ‘Blackman’ returned and did two songs, leaving the floor for CD auctioning by MCs Ronnie Mcvex and Daggy NYC.

This was overdone and some people got bored in the process and started moving out. It was then that the man of the night came back for his last session in which he did ‘Viola’, Navio’s ‘Njogereza’ before finishing up with ‘Tokendeza’.
But despite his performance being on live band, the sound did not do him justice as he struggled to match with the machines. That said, Geosteady did what Cindy failed to do a few weeks back, filling up Imperial Royale.