Friday May 2 2014

It was a cold ‘dry’ day


It is a cold Saturday night. It has been raining since 8pm. Time check: 12am. The night spot is Twillight Bar, Banda. It is one of those nights that I decide to tryout a new low-end hangout.

I totally have no clue about its location. A friend has told me how it is and just hinted it is somewhere in Banda. He also assured me that there are always fine Kyambogo varsity chicks. I call up my boda guy and we hit the road.

At the night spot, the bouncers are polite enough to welcome me with greetings, while swiftly checking me. As I make my way in, I notice the parking lot has few cars. Perhaps it is one of those nights that guys decide to just tuck in bed because of the goddamned coldness.

By the look of things, it is a ‘dead night’. As I hit the bar, I am anxious. I hope to party with some fine, Kyambogo varsity cuties. The music is not really that pleasant to my ears. Big Eye’s Already Bukiti (read booked), is playing.

Next to the counter is a drunken couple. The two seem to own the night. The man is wearing a typical boda boda jacket. The lady seems young. She is wearing blue pants. I cannot see the top.

The two comfortably cuddle without giving a hoot about who is watching. After all, they have made the table “dirty” with drinks. I buy a drink that costs Shs5,000. A quick scan at the fully stocked bar, I can see whiskies and spirits, which are sold in shots. I settle for a Shs2,000 shot of Uganda Waragi to ‘kill’ the coldness.

I feel like a fish out of water. I cannot think of anything else than leaving the place. I keep staring and hoping, maybe there will be a lost soul just like me. No, there is none. I swallow the bitter pill and end up leaving without getting some girl to hit on.