Monday February 24 2014

Marketers Night out

Keynote speaker Judy Rugasira. PHOTOS BYABUBAKER LUBOWA

Keynote speaker Judy Rugasira. 


It was a night of networking and learning for the the marketers at the first Marketer’s Night of 2014, held at the Kampala Serena hotel, on Friday.

The night, organised by Marketing Africa in partnership with Tusker attracted a full house of marketers, who convened to share topical issues that can move the industry to the next level.

Keynote speaker, Judy Rugasira Kyanda, the Managing Director Knight Frank Uganda, the leading property management firm in the country, focused on the retail sector. She shared with the different marketing professionals about retail marketing, and the firm’s story of growing the Knight Frank brand.

Rugasira talked about the different marketing strategies that the marketers can use and also notably how to attract customers using the growing trend of malls across the city.

The fun packed night had live band performances which played at interludes and kept the marketing professionals entertained. Talented guitar maestro Myko Ouma had a point to prove yet again as he plucked soothing melodies off the guitar that tickle thed soul.

The fun packed night was hosted by Dr Mitch Egwang who kept on reducing the marketers to tears with his jokes about the profession. He issued out goodies to marketers who asked the keynote speaker “good” questions. One marketer from Yamaha won a night for two treat at the Country Lake Resort Garuga.

The networking went on till the wee hours of the morning.