Friday April 18 2014

Robbed of a drink


It is a calm and chilly Saturday evening. Destination, Knight Riders Entebbe. Today, I have decided to party out of town. I need a refreshing experience. At the entrance of Knight Riders are male and female bouncers smartly dressed. I could barely hear music, in its place was a bass sound like an earthquake that seemed like it would bring the door down.

Immediately the door was opened, hot, putrid air welcomed us, the heat outdid the air conditioning. The club was full of happy souls singing and competing with the loud music. Scanning through the audience, none of the females caught my fancy. Abandoning my buddies, I set out to explore the club.

Luckily, I met a cutie after just 10 minutes of my search. She wore a black and white zebra dress, revealing her light skinned, succulent thighs. Keeping an eye on her, I headed to the counter for a drink (at least my vibe would be enhanced with a drink in hand). See, I didn’t just purchase any drink; I bought a drink that cost Shs7,000. First sip, second and third sip, voila! Nodding my head to UB40’s Red Wine, I went for the kill. “Hello, can I steal you for a while?” I whispered. Her reply in a rude tone was “Leave me alone!”

I withdrew. Well perhaps my game wasn’t good enough. I went for plan B. I took a gamble and bought for her a Smirnoff black ice worth Shs5,000 without her consent. She gladly took the drink to quench her thirsty self. Twenty minutes of our conversation yielded no results. Not even her name! Little did I know that she was waiting for her boyfriend who showed up shortly and took her away, plus my drink. You can imagine the look in my face.