Friday March 14 2014


By Harriet Anena

I’m stuck

My brain is asleep
My eyes see nothing
I can’t move my legs
I can’t feel my hands

I slept and woke up without a dream
Or a nightmare to snap me into reality
I took a trip but reached no destination
Not even a stroll to give me direction

I can’t even think

There’s a roadblock in my mouth
No words can escape
There’s glue under my feet
I can’t move forward
Or even backwards
There are thorns on my chair
I can’t sit
I don’t even know who I am

I’m stuck

Stranded in a place whose name I don’t know
I can sense a fence
A wall long and thick
Caging me away from the rest
Its shadow making me invisible
I’m sure there’s a lock
Whose key doesn’t even exist

So how do I proceed?

How do I take a walk
When no road exists?
How do I speak
When my mouth is rioting against my own words?
How do I flee this place
When my own eyes are failing me?

Nothing makes sense

I’m angry at nothing
Unhappy without reason
I’m just stuck
To snap out of myself
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