Friday April 25 2014

Thieving campus babes



It is a boring Tuesday night. I am headed to Club Silk for the Campus night. I want to get a feel of what it is like to hang out with campus beauties. I get to the check point of the club and the bouncer queries, “naye gwe oyiina sente?” (Do you really have money to spend?). I nodded in agreement and was let in after a thorough check.

Time check: 12:30am. I take the stairs that lead me to Silk Royale. There are a lot of thirsty-looking lads who just sit down nodding to the old school music that is playing.

I head to the counter for my drink. I settle for a Nile Gold that cost Shs6,000. I mount a search for a cutie. After roughly 15minutes of wandering around the club, I land on a girl. She is wearing black leggings and a white top.

Her cleavage, that reveals her luscious breasts, makes me drool. I use my “can I buy you a drink” line, which she totally falls for. She also opts for a Nile Gold. We chat about school, work and our personal lives. Her drink was shifts faster than our talk.

Within five minutes, she has galloped the drink like a shark. She orders for the next round like a boss. After galloping the second bottle, she fakes a call and says to me in a typical campus girl accent; “Thanks for the drink, my friends are calling me.” Again I am robbed of drinks.

As a consolation, I head to the loos while humming Kenzo’s Sitya Loss. The doors to the loos of this club are heavy, so heavy that my drunken self struggled so hard to open. It takes tones of energy to open them. Thank God they are clean all night.