VIDEO: Bebe Cool promises massive concert

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By Online Team

Posted  Friday, August 8   2014 at  16:37

Singer Moses Ssali a.k.a. Bebe Cool is set to hold his first indoor concert at Victoria Hall, Kampala Serena Hotel just a few hours away.

Our team ambushed him while he was relaxing at Serena Hotel ahead of his show. Clad in black jeans and grey t-shirts, Bebe assured his fans that the concert will be a massive one and the first of its kind.

"I am going to eat my lunch, the only meal before the show and then do steam, then a massage and at exactly 7:00, i will be back stage" Bebe Cool says.

"But i assure you, Its going to be a massive show, the first of its kind." He added before dashing off to rest.

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