Sunday August 10 2014

Clothes to suit your body size

Fitting trousers should not hug the body as it makes

Fitting trousers should not hug the body as it makes one uncomfortable. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa. 

By Lawrence Ogwal

What every man sets to achieve when they leave home for work or to hang out with friends is looking good in front of whoever cares to see. Some want to prove they are always on point when it comes to embracing the latest fashion trends.
However, one should first consider some aspects because the desire to impress lands people in the wrong place. What you wear depicts your personality. You are either stylish or nerdy.

Choose what looks good on you
Fitting clothes have been the in-thing for a while and I doubt if they are soon being replaced because you never know what the fashion world is introducing next. One’s body really counts on the size of shirt or pants to wear.

According to Latif Madoi, a fashion designer, one should always wear what makes them look good not what everyone else is wearing.

“Fitting attire on overweight people appears like they just borrowed them from their tiny siblings . Someone plus size should wear something that is not tight on their bodies because it makes them uncomfortable,” says Madoi.

The trend for skinny jeans, fitting shirts and T-shirts is not for big people.
“Plus size people do not look good in T-shirts without collars as well, they should lookout for polo T-shirts instead,” Ras Kasozi, fashion designer.

He adds people with big stomachs should not wear fitting outfits because they do not flatter their bodies.

Someone who is more than size 34 should wear trousers which are loose on them for instance, the bootleg for the plus size people and the regular type of trousers for big people.”

The bootleg type is the one which is big from the waist to the hem and the regular type is the one which is of average size.