Tuesday January 14 2014

Cooper and G-Way in charity concert

G-Way performs at the concert.

G-Way performs at the concert. Photo by Edgar Batte 

By Edgar R. Batte

The average concert you will attend will be one to dance and celebrate with an artiste for successfully putting together a few songs. But the Cooper & G-Way charity concert on Sunday was an inspirational treat. It was a gospel show which largely carried the good Lord’s gospel in praise and worship. And what’s more it was dedicated to disadvantaged children.

This was artiste Cooper Ssali’s idea. “One night my son could not comfortably sleep. I tried everything but he still could not catch sleep. I asked God ‘why me’? I had to wake up early the next day to go work. So as I waited for my son to sleep, I went on Facebook and saw this photo of a child with a swelling bigger than his body,” Cooper Ssali, the headliner of the concert, narrated, disclosing his inspiration for the concert.

He took an interest and shared with his wife what he had seen. Incidentally Cooper’s wife had gone to school with the person who had posted the photograph. The girl in the photo was Awino Emoit who suffered from a tumour.

“We have taken Emoit through various surgeries and the child no longer has the big swelling. He is one of the children benefitting from Edyac (Empowerment of Disadvantaged Youth & Children), a voluntary NGO in Tororo which is supported by contribution from compassionate friends,” an emotive Dr Isaac Osire explained.
Cooper & G-Way said that all proceeds from this concert would go towards helping children with disabilities under Edyac. “I plan to make this an annual concert,” he added.

Cooper also shared the stage with Naava Grey with whom he did the song One in a Million. Their duet was awesome. The concert was more than just singing; there was dance and stage antics from G-Way. The audience stood up to dance and sing along as the main acts did their thing for the Lord and children.
Revellers were also treated to acts from Holy Keane Amooti, Exodus, Martin Sseku, Levixone, Edwin Ruyonga, Coopy Bly and Katalina who on top of singing showed they were good dancers too.