Sunday June 15 2014

Fab fashion for Father’s Day


By Lawrence Ogwal

Finally, it is Father’s Day. Quite tricky with the many things we do to celebrate such days- if at all we do. Part of the celebration comes with the desire to hang out with friends or family.
Check in at the fashion zone in your house and step out in style. Your look matters regardless of your age bracket. How can the different men from the teens to grannies comply with fashion forward moments? Being a Sunday, here are a few casual wear tips to follow.

This age group is past the age of following a particular trend, but it does not mean that you do not have to look stylish. On a hot afternoon, donning a pair of light knee-length shorts and long-sleeved white linen shirt is a good pick, or a polo neck T-shirt and dress pants, preferably khakis, with rubber sandals will do you no harm on Father’s Day.

The middle-aged
Unlike granny, the middle-aged man minds his sense of style, these can set their Sunday look apart by wearing a floral jacket with block coloured trousers teamed with trainers or moccasins or a two-piece linen outfit; a linen shirt and pair of trousers in shades of navy blue and grey cannot keep you off track.

If you are to accessorise, do it minimally lest your chains and blingy bracelets make you look like you are struggling to look young. Not on Father’s Day.

The youth
There are two categories of youth; the ones who have just transitioned from their teens and those in their 35th year ( retiring youths). The former can go for shorts and a T-shirt. To modify the look, they can accessorise with a cap and a designer watch plus a chain bracelet.
The latter can don jeans that modestly fit with a collared T-shirt or fitting chequered shirt with a coloured blazer and a cap.

The adolescent
During this stage, they will always want to try out anything to make them look stylish, others want to look unique therefore there are many outfits they can always try on.

Teenagers always want something to do with skinny jeans and shorts. Ever since the extremely fitting clothes trends came, they embraced it and it is something you will see almost different teens wearing.