Saturday May 31 2014

Fashion lessons for older women from the First Lady

janet fashion


By Gloria Haguma

Brenda Maraka, a Ugandan fashion designer, tips on how to pull it off the Janet way. “The First Lady has always come across as one who doesn’t just follow trends, but sets them too. Her style speaks a lot about her character. It reflects her as confident and not seeking attention yet still making her stand out without trying too much. Basically, she defines the saying “less is more,” says Maraka.

Janet Museveni found a style that works for her and stuck with it, enhancing it over the years to keep with the trends. She popularised some trends like the Janet hair cut that was named after her and the African-inspired chino trousers teamed with a long kaftan top, which is a great replacement for leggings among older women. Lessons women her age can learn from her style include;

Dress to inspire confidence
Do not embarrass yourself with what you wear. Choose appropriate outfits and also think about what impression you are making. The First Lady knows how to command respect with her outfits.

The age factor
Invest in some timeless accessories like pearls. Maybe small, medium, and large sets. They never go out of fashion. And it’s always easy to team them up with most outfits. Keep up to date with fashion trends but only take the suitable ones for your role and style.

The First Lady wears her hats for a purpose; outdoor activities where she needs a shield from the sun, and not just as a trend that she drops easily.

For handbags, she has always gone for a classic medium sized bag. A good investment too, because it is versatile and timeless. It will also save you money as you will not have to change bags often.