Saturday May 31 2014

The multiple rings

multiple rings


Take your fashion love to a whole new level with the multiple trend. Wearing more than one ring together is very stylish, and may be just the trick that you needed to step up your rings magic.

The look is strictly casual, so do not walk into the office with over seven rings on your fingers. Ensure that you have a well done manicure, so that your rings are complimented with great looking nails. Create a pattern with the rings that you choose to wear with this trend. So this means you will have to blend them. Match a few small rings to your cocktail rings, for the perfect finish.

If you have big fingers, then go for the small rings, then those with thinner fingers, go for the big rings.
Anyone that has their eye for eccentric fashion can go for this trend.

Your guide
You are going to be wearing many rings at ago. Go for light rings, so your fingers are not weighed out. This trend can also be a great styling trick especially if you are looking for a way to add colour to your look. The gold sparkle rings, or coloured cocktail rings will come in handy here.

Shopping for rings, will take you from the uptown shopping centers where prices vary between Shs30,000- Shs70,000, or to down town places like Galilaya, and Grand corner shopping malls, where prices vary from as low as Shs5,000 up to Shs40,000.