Saturday July 19 2014

The technique of wearing lipstick


By Gloria Haguma

What is the proper procedure for applying lipstick?

First, prepare your lips by scrubbing with a soft toothbrush or wet wipe/tissue to remove any rough dead skin. It’s advisable to always moisturise your lips every time you moisturise your face.

Moisturise with vaseline or lip balm to keep them soft and prevent them from cracking. Next, apply foundation, the same you use on your skin, on your lips as your primer/base, and allow it to dry.

It moisturises and evens out your lips, and also helps lipstick stay on longer. Now, apply a lip liner.
Make sure your lip liner is sharp and the same colour and shade as your lipstick.

Lip liner is to define your lips to prevent the lipstick from bleeding to outer edges of your lips.
What are you supposed to use when applying your lipstick?

There are different ways of applying it, it could be with your finger, or a lip brush but it is advisable to use a lip brush mostly at the corners and upper V shape of your lips for a neat finishing.

What are the basics for choosing your lipstick shade?

If you have thin lips, do not apply dark colours because they make lips thinner. Apply light lipstick colours such as light pink and finish with a touch of gloss.

For the fuller lips, you can wear dark or light shades, but finish off with a matte/dry finish. Glossy finishes make lips appear heavier. You can use maroon, pink, and red lip stick, depending on your skin tone. Do not use excessively bright shades like neons though, as these make lips appear fuller too.