Saturday July 19 2014

The things we can each do something about

By Carol Nambowa

The Century Entrepreneurship Development Agency (CEDA) International community book launch held on July 10, had lessons for every woman, young and old. It was held at the CEDA headquarters in Kawempe.

Invited guests, high and low, had to mingle in three group discussions about how a woman in a slum area can actively participate in politics, how she can be economically empowered and the things that hold back women.
Among these were things away from poverty, illiteracy and ignorance that hold women back, which I thought we each have the power to do something about.

Poor planning and budgeting: At this point in the discussion, all I could think about was how I barely planned for my expenditure but went on spending just because I could afford to. If only I could set a maximum expenditure amount for myself in a month, how much more could I be saving and investing. Lesson learnt!

Do not be lazy: Laziness might be in form of being laid back, not keeping her word or by just working to a little of her potential since she can always count on the man’s financial support.

Fear of competition: There is a considerable number of women who tend to quit business for fear of competition.

However, rather than quitting the business, women were encouraged to stand their ground and grow stronger alongside competition, making an effort to improve their products or services, time and again.

Extravagance: Extravagance hinders saving. This was so right on point because most women, including myself, would rather buy a 10th pair of heels at Shs50, 000 for a party than save that money.

It is something most of us forget that could become addictive and become part of us.

Despising jobs: Most women will always assume they are way out of the bracket that belittles or looks down on jobs until they are questioned on whether they would take on jobs as janitors or waitresses.

This mind set of belittling jobs however directly shifts to business opportunities where one shuns a certain business because it seems too dirty, low for their standards but at the end of the day, it is the sweet hard earned money that makes the difference.

Consult one another: At the event were a number of successful women such as Syda Bbumba, the former Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development, who was the guest of honour. Other guests were profiled women that had made a difference in the community, from whom we could each learn alot.

Hajjat Rehemah Kasule, President of CEDA International, encouraged the spirit of togetherness and learning from one another saying:
“The last thing I want to leave all of you with here today is that the night sky is never lit up by one star but by billions of stars that come together.”
Five topics to avoid at work: Religion: Talks of faith, especially when they are opposing thoughts, can be down right disrespectful, even if you are the most eloquent person on the planet. Avoid religious talk because people place their entire belief system on their religions. Also, just because you are not discussing your beliefs does not mean you don’t have them.

Sex life Casually talking about dating is okay, but once you dig into your sex life, you have crossed the line.
We all know women are judged differently when speaking of their conquests and who wants to be known as the office slut?

Personal finances: No one you work with should know your personal financial business. Who knows if the dude in the cubicle next to you is getting paid more or less than you? The last thing you need in the workplace is jealousy over wages.

Health Issues: Only your boss should know about your health issues in regards to having to miss work hours. Your coworkers should not be well versed with your surgeries, rashes, infections or even therapy breakthroughs. You could just be giving your cohorts reasons to take your job.

Politics: Personal opinions on politics is just one of those things that always riles people up. Now why would you want to cause that kind of ruckus in the office? Politics are always opposing opinions and having that type of intense discussion at work is only going to lead to anger towards the people you have to work with on a daily basis.