Saturday May 26 2012

Wrap the calves right in tights and leggings

Now this, is a classic illustration of the versatility of the tights

Now this, is a classic illustration of the versatility of the tights 

By Cythia Francisca Babirye

Today most leggings contain either Lycra, spandex, cotton, cotton/poly, or other blended fabrics (jeggings). They are available in multitudes of colours and decorative designs like the Tattoo leggings, which have tattoo-like print on them.

Some are translucent and create an illusion of actual tattoos on someone’s legs or thighs, some are shinny sometimes called leather-look leggings or have a metallic or wet look appearance, they are available in ankle, stirrups, footed (similar to tights), Capri as well as mid-calf length. Pantyhose are something like stockings, sheer, close-fitting leg wear, except that they go all the way up to the waist and are worn like pants and ideal for the cold weather.

Leggings are close fitting pants. Jeggings are a mix of leggings and jeans. These usually flatter, irrespective of the size. To be more particular, they can be won by all ages, formally or casual functions.

make them work
Caroline Birungi Kiwerere of Carol K design house: For plus size or even just one heavier around the hips and butt, be clever to choose dark colours and avoid white. Also, wear tights with tunics or dress tops and avoid the visible panty lines; go for the thongs instead.

Sylvia Owori of Sylvia Owori: Leggings work best for casual looks. In a few industries and workplaces, they can also become workwear if worn very carefully. Any style of the shoe can bring out a chic look from pumps, stilettos to loafers all you have got to do is put it all right together.

Guard against:
• Wearing leggings as pants: Leggings are not pants. Wear them therefore with long enough tops to cover the butt crack. Leggings are only slightly thicker than opaque tights so they will most likely leave your butt hanging.
• Too fat for tights: It is true the thicker makes like jeggings could do for the heavier built women but tights in general may not be too flattering for plus size women as they may instead leave you looking uncomfortable, as if clad in rubber.
• Do not show the panty lines or colour through.