Thursday February 13 2014

Why would a responsible man be carrying flowers around?


By Mike Ssegawa

There should be some souls worrying right now: “Who will be my valentine tomorrow? How will it look like if I am the only girl in the office who won’t get a bouquet of flowers? What will I wear or what can I buy my partner?”
Imagine how beautiful relationships would be if these questions were asked everyday.

Tomorrow, you will see a loser wearing black, red or worse, both. Apparently it’s Valentine’s Day – a day to show some love to someone you care about. Don’t these qualify as those once-in-a-year lovers?

Picture a responsible gentleman carrying around flowers to someone’s office – murmuring some words. But thing is, if he doesn’t do it, the poor dude may lose some peace for a month! Another fellow will buy chocolate or wine just to please someone.

In the evening, a couple will go out for dinner – if they don’t do so, someone’s face may get wrinkles. Reason? You were a no-show on Valentine’s Day.
Imagine an eventful life where these acts of love were showed everyday, or at least, every week. Why wait for one day in the year to take your partner out for a dance, concert, dinner or a movie? Seriously, why wait for a calendar day to remind you that someone you love needs special care?

Because love is spontaneous, I find it quite strange that sensible people pay any attention to such money-making gimmicks disguised in the name of Valentine’s Day. You may find a fellow who has not completed his son’s school fees asking you for a soft loan to take Jessica out lest she dumps him.
Some couples fight over what hasn’t been done on that day, while another sulks the whole week because Mr X or Ms Y did not call on the so-called special day.

It is such a mind set that pushes people like Jackqueline to devise ways to look special. Despite having no one to call sweetheart, except her Facebook friend who claims to live in Malaysia, she will do something to fit in.

On this day, Jackie sways into office, clad in a shouting red top or pants and screaming high heels. One can’t help but believe that she has a dinner date later after work. Her boss will excuse her and give her less work so she doesn’t get delayed for her “proggie”.

At around 11am, when everyone is in, a messenger delivers a basket of roses, chocolates, sweets, a bottle of V&A, a white handkerchief and lip stick (or is it lip balm?). All eyes are on her. Jackie plays her part perfectly.

“Oh my God!” she exclaims. “This is a total surprise. Thank him for me.” Three years later, a nosy colleague discovers Jackie had ordered the flowers herself. Tomorrow everyone is waiting to hear Jackie’s “Oh my God!” No one will bother her.
Then there is Christine, who comes to office with her Valentine’s Day clothes in her handbag. When the evening comes, she goes to the ladies, changes and off she goes to La Bonita or wherever they have advertised a special show. Only difference,” Christine actually has a boyfriend.

Many men are least bothered about this day. When he is broke, you will find his phone switched off - don’t bother him. Another one will use the day to fix a date with a girl who has dodged him for the whole year. Spending Shs100,000 to put up a show isn’t too expensive – is it boys? My problem is a chap who spends such an amount on a meal yet he hasn’t paid rent for December.

Let tomorrow be a lesson that your loved ones should be treated in a special way every day, not once in a year.
So, starting February 15, make time for your family, prepare a special evening, invite the babies to join you to a sumptuous candle-lit dinner and celebrate love everyday for life. Love should be spontaneous.