Thursday July 31 2014

Pregnant? It doesn’t give you the right to crave another man

By Kiiza Akiiki

We pretty much know how pregnant women can crave different things; right from the time she conceives may be to just before she finds her way to the labour ward. Such things may include chicken, tinned foods, roadside meat, her husband’s clothes and his smell. Others go as far as craving for the smell of the toilet, ant hill soil or even clay, among other things. It all depends.

Pregnancy is hectic, but funny in that it makes some people do many weird things. It could be the so-called mood swing. Some women love or like so much, others dislike or hate so much that they can even spit or frown whenever someone they hate passes by.

Loving or liking a person so much is not my problem. My concern here is when a woman foolishly falls in love with another man when she is already pregnant with another person’s child. Can you imagine! I sometimes get confused about whether it is real love or just lust. Or is it that the lady’s husband or whoever is not satisfying her (sexually? Naye women!) I think you just need to know when to do what. Do not be so cheap or desperate to that extent. Okay, even if someone promised a million shillings that was not in the house, it’s just not worth it. Preserve that little “soup” in you because you’re not sure of how that man you are undressing for will take you.

Bambi, he is just satisfying himself. But remember, some men are not good secret boxes. They share whatever happens in their lives with their friends. Why would you want to be a group’s centre of discussion? Who will respect you after that? What if your husband or partner learns about it? Tell me, will he ever trust you or even accept the other three or two children at home?

Even if it’s only one child, a man can never trust a woman whose dignity is lost. Just as it would be foolish for a man to run after a pregnant woman, women can also be called foolish if caught cheating with a big bump.

A few years ago, I think like four, Sarah a (married woman with two children) was caught cheating with her landlord. She was three months pregnant then, according to her. This was a very cute, young and loaded landlord whose wife had travelled abroad for a three months’ vacation with their two-year-old son. Sarah’s husband had also travelled around that time.

So, it was an opportune time for the duo to enjoy. Sarah’s hubby arrived home without alerting his sweet heart as he usually does. See how things happened; as the hubby reached home, Sarah was also coming out of the landlord’s house. They kissed and continued moving, but holding each other’s hands. This was around 8pm.

They had no clue of who might be seeing them. They didn’t even suspect any one to be around at that time. Unfortunately, Sarah’s spouse was watching every move clearly. He couldn’t believe his wife could be such an evil person. “What don’t I do for you Sarah? Why have you decided to do this to me moreover with the landlord?” he asked but getting no answer.

And even if she talked of his being away for long, believe me, the guy wouldn’t have listened. It would be regarded as trash. That alone showed no respect for the man and herself (Sarah).
From that time, she became such a disgrace that even the landlord did not take her in after her husband painfully sent her away that very night. But why suffer in such weird manners?

Ladies please style up. The moment you accept to move in or commit to someone, please convince your heart to accept whatever comes up. Don’t be a tennis ball to be bounced all the time. It doesn’t work.