‘Cheaters are driven by evil spirits’

Way before I even ever thought of getting into a relationship, I always hurt deeply from hearing harrowing tales of women who had been hurt and sometimes left for dead by their beloved. The pain in my heart would run for days or weeks.

Thursday March 13 2014

By Agnes Namaganda

Way before I even ever thought of getting into a relationship, I always hurt deeply from hearing harrowing tales of women who had been hurt and sometimes left for dead by their beloved. The pain in my heart would run for days or weeks.
The notion that all-men-cheat-so-women-should-learn-to-deal-with-it wasn’t for me. In fact at 13, praying for relationships was a priority; that all would be good, long-lasting and enjoyable.

I never ever understood why men cheat, and trying to make sense of the situation was the foremost reason I became a writer; to explore the possibility of finding a harmonious resolution to this crisis. Unfortunately, the possibility I felt deep down seemed like a fantasy that only angels could accomplish.
Why? Because even the most decent of men always turned out to have a little fishy something going on. It doesn’t matter whether he’s a pastor, politician or musician.

I once met a pastor who had a way of greeting, his hand travelling lingeringly from your shoulder down to the wrist. It felt dirty and laden with innuendos, especially if the victim was wearing something sleeveless. Sometimes, he gave what was supposed to be a casual hip-to-hip hug but then unexpectedly squeeze the waist a little too tight.

Sometimes, there would be about three of us (girls) after church or choir practice and I would be looking for similar signs of discomfort about his behaviour so that I could find someone to identify with. There were none. While I casually and uncomfortably unstrapped his hand from my waist, the other girls simply giggled. It was annoying! But I loved the church to bits.
The pastor’s habits did not end there - there was talk in the church that some girls were entertaining him in ungodly ways.

Hurting women and the things they do
Thinking that any man is susceptible to infidelity has completely changed the way women relate with men today. For fear of getting hurt or after getting hurt, some decide to become single mothers or some choose relationships where they are not responsible to any man.

Some are separated, some are divorced, others are secretly or openly cheating, others are stashing away money with or without their spouses’ knowledge for that rainy day when they discover that he is cheating. Others are outdoing porn stars just so they can possibly keep their men, others are using witchcraft. Whatever it takes to avoid this kind of scenario.

Others are angry wives. Angry at life and God that such a situation has to be hurled at them without having anything they can do about it. In bitterness, they sit immobile, because whatever they do, their fate is pre-determined. They do not cook or take the time to look after their husbands. Why should they?

Some drive their probably innocent men crazy with speculation, frenzied phone checking and the need to know where they are at all times. Whether it is a hotel abroad, they will call and crosscheck and probably send some $10 (about Shs25,000) to the hotel workers to report back to them just in case they see any woman walking into their man’s rooms.

Some are paying for 24-hour surveillance on their men. It is chaotic because there is simply no time to relax and enjoy the relationship. Others, albeit having heard nothing for the last 15 years are on tenterhooks because something may happen sometime. Others, after experiencing it or learning from other women, have accepted that cheating is inescapable. So, they look for a rich for marriage because even a poor one will cheat, so “It’s best to cry in a Benz”.

I am (or, I was) among the small group of women who enjoy it while it lasts but in the event of a proven something, there is no staying. It would be over!
Well, that was until I went to Pastor Tom Mugerwa’s church recently. I must say I previously despised Mutundwe Christian Fellowship because of two friends, who always swore that their marriages would have been history today if it were not for this church. (Now, I hate to sound like those phony witchdoctor radio adverts) My hatred was mostly from seeing one of these friends stay with an adulterous man on the basis that, according to that church, it was the right thing to do. Why?

Because, the Bible frees us from a marriage if there is marital unfaithfulness.
However, my whole perception and understanding changed sometime back when I decided to attend the ‘married women only’ meet. I must say I somewhat finally made sense of infidelity and how it can be dealt with. The questions I had accumulated over the years were answered.

So why is there so much infidelity?
The answers are not meant to justify men’s actions but to help you understand that the forces of this ‘cheating’ tendency far outweigh your man’s ability to withstand. We are talking men here, because they are the most likely culprits, (or victims, if you like).

Haven’t you ever asked yourself why every person who is caught red-handed will deny what they are doing or claim that it is not what you think? See, if someone truly did not care about you, then there will be no use denying, crying, begging, buying flowers, name it. Feigned or not, this response would be unnecessary for someone who has decided that they no longer care about how you feel. If you are married, you might say they are trying to defend their status in society, or that it is for the children’s sake, but even unmarried men who have not sired a child will do it.

And well, according to Pastor Mugerwa, the answer lies in almost all our ancestral lineages that are heavily pregnant with all manner of infidelity, polygamy, fornication and promiscuity spirits. Some of these evil spirits have happily lived in our blood lines for generations that no amount of civilisation, education or Christianity will drive them out.

Some of these people appreciate monogamy, but their flesh is too weak to implement it. And since men are the major determinant carriers of the continuity of a bloodline, they are the most affected.

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