Thursday June 28 2018

Do not rush into marriage; you might crash


By Christine Nakalungi

I guess by now, everyone knows that speed kills. Plus, what is the right time to get married? Everyone has a different opinion about this because age isn’t what matters; it is the maturity and ability to commit to one person for the rest of your life.

Speaking of age, most people make radical decisions to marry just because the clock is ticking. It is one thing to marry late and another to marry the wrong person.

Betinah had a new year’s resolution, which did not seem to change for quite some years. She hoped that before that year ends, she would be a married woman. One year passed, then the second until she got frustrated.

She became a slave to the idea that she forgot what really mattered. Betinah swore at her dad’s grave that before the year ends she would be married. Four months to the end of the year she panicked and started to put her dreams into action. In two months she was walking down the aisle with a person she, herself believed was not right.

Her family and most friends disagreed with her choice but we all knew how much it meant to her so we kept our comments to ourselves and attended the function. Six months down the road, Betinah disappeared from all of us; she changed her phone number and got off social media. The once beautiful girl had turned into a moving ghost. See, she had the ring but not the marriage. Her husband treated her like a doormat and kept reminding her that she financed the wedding not him.

The psychological torture tore her apart. She cursed the day she decided to marry whichever man seemed available. She was more desperate to get out of this marriage than she was when she wanted a wedding. Her fantasy had turned into a grave of demons that haunted her and her desires. Whatever the man did to make her hate her life this much, we might never know but after her family kidnapped her from her marital home, her mom cried and said: “You would rather be single and happy than married but wailing in pain.”

Betinah stared in mute when she was told that the ‘husband’ had sued her family for meddling in their marriage. Can she get out of it alive? Only God knows. My sister, sometimes you just have to trust fate to bear fruits in its right time. Do not rush; you might not survive the bruises. Take your time and only walk down the aisle when you are ready.